I am an intellectual historian of early modern Europe. Most of my work falls between the history of scholarship, the history of political thought, and the history of religion and belief. I also work on the history and politics of historiography and the human sciences in the Twentieth Century.

My current work aims to track the past, present and future of the politics of moderation.


European University Institute, Italy: PhD (History and Civilisation)

Fudan University, China: MA (Philosophy, with International Relations)

King’s College London, UK: BA (History)

Other Publications

Mithen N. ‘Tradition and Reform in the Scholarship of Sebastiano Paoli O.M.D. (1648-1751) between Naples and Vienna’. In: Wallnig. T; Peper, I, ed. Central European Pasts: ‘Old’ and ‘New’ in the Intellectual Culture of Habsburg Europe, 1650-1750. Oldenbourg: De Gruyter. (in press)

Mithen N. ‘Vico among the Critics: Latin and Philology in the Gestation of the Scienza Nuova.’ In: Brockliss, L; Verhaart, F, ed. Latin Enlightenment: Identities and Communities of Science and Scholarship. Liverpool: University of Liverpool Press. (in press.)

Mithen N. ‘Richard Simon and the tiers parti.’ Church History and Religious Culture 2022, 102(1), 60-82.

Mithen N. ‘Politics as Moderation in Machiavelli.’ History of Political Thought 2022, 43(1), 31-54.

Mithen N. (Review) Les Forces de la modération. Ligne politique ou accommodements raisonnés dans les crises politico-religieuses européennes (XVIe–XIXe siecle). Edited by Olivier Andurand and Albane Pialoux. (Pour une histoire nouvelle de l’Europe, 13.) Brussels: Peter Lang, 2020. Journal of Ecclesiastical History 2021, 72(4), 891-893.

Mithen N. Faces of Moderation: The Art of Balance in an Age of Extremes, by Aurelian Craiutu. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2016. Intellectual History Review 2021, 31(2), 363-367.

Mithen N. ‘Mystical theology, ecumenism and church-state relations: Francesco Bellisomi (1663-1741) at the limits of confessionalism in early eighteenth-century Europe.’ History of European Ideas 2019, 45(8), 1089-1106.

Mithen N. ‘A taste for criticism: ‘Buon gusto’ and the reform of historical scholarship in the early eighteenth-century Italian republic of letters.’ Erudition and the Republic of Letters 2019, 4(4), 439-467.

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