• Nina Byrom deposited Examining Analogue Film’s Viability as A Preservation Method for Film Archives in the group Group logo of CityLISCityLIS on Humanities Commons 10 months, 4 weeks ago

    The purpose of this project is to examine film stock’s viability as a method of preservation for film archives in the current climate of later-stage practice transition. It seeks to identify the impact of the film stock production decrease upon archival practice and assess and compare analogue and digital practice. It also seeks to determine the viability of a film stock production increase, and in turn film stock’s viability, and propose potential future uses for film stock outside the archival sector. The methods used include conceptual and historical analyses of literature in the field, and a selective critical literature review of 4 film stock producers’ and 33 European and American film archives’ websites, supported by a film archive curator interview. The analyses of literature support that there is viable infrastructure and practice supporting film stock as a preservation method in film archives when compared to digital preservation. However, the selective critical literature review shows that due to the production decrease and corresponding costs, film stock is not a viable active preservation method. The research shows that film archives are currently in transition to digital practice without defined terminology, affordable digital infrastructure or practice, or an equivalent digital preservation method to rival film stock’s abilities, creating a risk of information loss. The research shows a need for either a longer transition period between film stock and digital media, which is unviable, or the development of archive-specific digital preservation technology.