Director of Archaeology, Professor of Classics, and Director of the Center for Historical Landscapes at the College of Charleston. Former Chair of the Department of Classics. Research interests include landscape archaeology, geoinformatic applications to archaeology, and complex state formation.


PhD Classical and Pre-Classical Archaeology, University of Cincinnati

BA Classical Languages and Classical Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri – Columbia


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Upcoming Talks and Conferences

2023  “Consilience and Resilience: Mediterranean Archaeology at an American Undergraduate University” State of the Field Workshop. Brown University, Providence, RI (with Allison Sterrett-Krause).

2023  “Negotiated Peripheries and the Longue Durèe,” Workshop “Long-term Resiliency of Human-Environmental Systems in the Epidauria Region, Greece,” College of Charleston.

2023  “Exploring the Human and Environmental History of the Epidauria,” Classical Charleston Lecture Series, Climate Change and the History of Human Resiliency: A Case Study from Greece, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.

2023  “Informatics Postmortem: Lessons Learned from the Avkat Archaeological Project,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, New Orleans (with H. Elton and J. Haldon)

2022  “From Kitchen to Dwelling: an Evolving Urban African American Landscape at the College of Charleston,” Society for Historical Archaeology, Philadelphia. (with R. Grant Gilmore and M. Scott Harris).

2021 “Feeding Constantinople: from Farm to Capital,” Shifting Frontiers XIV. (with Hugh Elton and John Haldon).

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