• David M. Weigl deposited Encoding and Analyzing the Timbre in Popular Songs (TiPS) Corpus in the group Group logo of Music Encoding InitiativeMusic Encoding Initiative on Humanities Commons 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Timbre and texture are important and perceptually salient stylistic and structural parameters in popular music, yet their specific functional roles in this repertoire have not been theorized. This report describes the construction and encoding of a new popular-music corpus, Timbre in Popular Song (TiPS). The corpus comprises 400 songs, including 100 songs each from four disparate genres: country, pop, heavy metal, and hip hop. Song selection in TiPS balances genre typicality with considerations of gender and racial diversity as well as chronological representation; details related to timbre, texture, and form for each song are being encoded and will be analyzed by genre to identify normative timbral and textural combinations, as well as typical differences among genres.