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    mei-friend is a ‘last mile’ editor for MEI-encodings intended to alleviate the common task of cleaning up encodings generated via optical music recognition, or via conversion from other formats. The open-source tool, building on the earlier mei-tools-atom codebase, was first presented to the MEI community at MEC ‘21, and has received more than 500 downloads, demonstrating the demand for interactive MEI editing. Among the feedback we received at this presentation were requests to port the tool, which was implemented as a plugin package for the Atom text editor, to work in a generic Web browser environment; while Atom’s architecture is already built on a Chromium (browser) back-end, it is somewhat slow to use, and the installation process and requirement for a separate application may be off-putting to less technically-minded users. Here, we are pleased to present mei-friend in its new guise as a full-featured, cross-browser compatible Web application, with optimized performance and an extended set of features.