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Pasts and Futures of Digital Humanities in Musicology: Moving Towards a Bigger Tent
26 November 2018 26 November 2018 digital humanities, digital scholarship, music, music theory, musicology
Review: Developing Digital Scholarship: Emerging Practices in Academic Libraries and Digital Library Programs for Libraries and Archives: Developing, Managing, and Sustaining Unique Digital Collecitons
26 November 2018 26 November 2018 academic libraries, digital libraries, digital scholarship, library programming
Review: Manuscripts and Medieval Song: Inscription, Performance, Context
26 November 2018 26 November 2018 Manuscripts, medieval musicology, medieval song
Review: A Paradise of Priests: Singing the Civic and Episcopal Hagiography of Medieval Liège
26 November 2018 26 November 2018 Corpus Christi, Holy Trinity, Liège, medieval musicology
Now you can see (and track and manage) it: Incorporating streaming video content into ProQuest’s 360 KB
10 June 2019 10 June 2019 digital content, metadata, Streaming video
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