Marika Dalley Snider, PhD, AIA is a storyteller who celebrates the small, the forgotten, and the under-appreciated architecture and its associated people through film, research, and historic preservation. Marika teaches undergraduate and graduate architectural design studios, the architecture history series, and professional practice at the University of Memphis. Currently she is working on the National Register for Historic Preservation application for Orange Mound, Memphis, the oldest neighborhood in the US (1890) built by and for African-Americans. As part of this research she is doing a digital restoration of a portion of Orange Mound using 3D models and a gaming engine. She is also working on visualization projects in the Hypostyle Hall at the Great Temple of Karnak, Egypt. Previously, she was a project architect doing museum-quality restorations on (Ohio) state-owned historic sites. Projects include well-known sites like the houses of President Harding and Harriet Beecher Stowe, Hopewell and Fort Ancient indigenous sites, as well as historically-sensitive maintenance projects on lesser known sites. Marika’s traditional research examines architecture and urban space in the Middle East. Additionally, Marika is an a amateur documentary filmmaker whose films have been screened internationally.


  • PhD, Middle East Studies / History, Architecture and Urbanism, University of Utah, 2012

    • Dissertation: Entropy and Exclusivity: Changes in Gendered Space in the Retail Environment, Alexandria, Egypt: 1970-2011

    • Fieldwork, intermittently 2009-2011

    • Study Abroad, Alexandria, Egypt, 2007

  • Master of Design Studies in Historic Preservation, Boston Architectural College, 2018

    • Capstone: Cinematographic Visual Effects Principles for Digital Restorations of Historic Structures: Creating a Visualization Plan for the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Cincinnati, Ohio

    • Focus on International Heritage

    • Heritage Study Tour, Northern New Mexico, Teaching Assistant

  • Master of Architecture, University of Kansas

    • Study Abroad, Siena, Italy

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University

    • Emphasis in Computer-aided Design



Book Chapter

“New Trinkets in Old Spaces: Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili and the Question of Authenticity,” with Anna Madoeuf, in The Bazaar and the Islamic City: Design, Culture and History, Mohammad Gharipour (ed.), American University in Cairo Press, 2012.

Encyclopedia Entry

“Cathedrals and Mosques,” in Winfred J. Bisson, World History Encyclopedia, Era 4: Expanding Regional Civilizations, 300-1000. ABC-CLIO, 2009.

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

“Sudden Suburbs and the Challenge of 21st Century Urbanism: Vineyard, Utah,” in A. Qamhaieh (ed.), AMPS Proceedings Series 21. Rapid Cities – Responsive Architectures. American University in Dubai, UAE. 22-24 November (2020). pp 214-234.

“Using Cinematographic Tools for Historic House Digital Restorations,” in Conference Proceedings: Intermountain Engineering, Technology, and Computing Conference, Orem, Utah, Oct. 2020.

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“Virtual Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Fortress at Uronarti,” in Conference Proceedings: Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu: Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Jan. 2007.

Published DVD Videos

Learning To Use AutoCAD 2006, A DVD Project Series, Marika Snider and Tom Singer, Delmar Publishing, 2005.

Learning To Use AutoCAD 2005, A DVD Project Series, Marika Snider and Tom Singer, Delmar Publishing, 2004.

AutoCAD 2004 3D Solids, A CD Tutorial Series, Marika Snider and Tom Singer, Delmar Publishing, 2004

Blog Posts



    Broadcast Radio Produced

    Snider, Marika, “Dayton Metro Library Operations Center Gives New Life to Hauer Music Building,” Culture Couch, Public Radio. Antioch, Ohio, WYSO, Sept. 15, 2015.

    Snider, Marika, “Local Artists Find Their Creative Space,” Community Voices, Public Radio. Antioch, Ohio: WYSO, Sept. 2, 2015.


    Films Produced and Directed

    Sudden Suburbs: Vineyard, Utah, 2020



    Urbanizing the Suburbs: Bridge Park, Dublin, Ohio, 2018


    Brutalism in the 21st Century: Design and Evolution of Sinclair Community College, 2018 https://vimeo.com/258200395

    What is Inclusive Design? 2016


    AIA Significant Small Projects Short Film Series, 2014-2018


    Katherine Darnstadt’s Boombox Retail, 2017

    Roberto de Leon’s Wild Turkey Visitor’s Center, 2016

    El Dorado’s Girl Scout Trailhead, 2016

    Robert Maschke’s C-House, 2016

    BLDGS – White Space and Caddell Building, 2015

    Marlon Blackwell’s Tower House, 2014


    American Institute of Architects

    Society of Architectural Historians

    Association for Preservation Technology

    American Research Council in Egypt

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