• M Selim Yavuz deposited Gloomy Divergence: Death/Doom Metal as Dark Leisure in the group Group logo of Music and SoundMusic and Sound on Humanities Commons 3 years, 7 months ago

    Death doom metal or death/doom emerges as a distinct style in early 1990s mostly focused in northern England. This style or, tentatively, sub-genre of doom may be argued to be a leisure space for participants in this culture. Dark leisure theory attempts to describe non-mainstream leisure activity, and even though it started in criminological and psychological approaches under moral absolutism relying heavily on deviancy and social control; with recent scholars such as Karl Spracklen, DJ Williams and Philip Stone and their work, this area is on its way to become a more fruitful perspective, especially in relation to extreme music subcultures. The presentation will introduce death doom metal style under the light of dark leisure through music and culture.