I earned a PhD degree from Leeds Beckett University. I taught at that university as a part-time lecturer on different modules as part of music production course. I come from a computer science and engineering and historical musicology background.
My research currently focuses on the genealogy of death/doom metal music networks in northern England. I have previously worked on John Dowland’s religious oeuvre and Elizabethan social structures in 17th century; and I have also written a dissertation on the ideas of death and suicide in depressive suicidal black metal music.
I acted as an associate editor of Metal Music Studies journal where I edited the book and media review sections in the journal for volumes 2, 3, and 4, and as the Communications Officer of International Society for Metal Music Studies.


PhD Musicology – Leeds Beckett University 2018
MMus Ethnomusicology – Royal Holloway, University of London 2015
MA Historical Musicology – Istanbul Technical University, Centre for Advanced Studies in Music 2014
BSc Computer Science and Engineering – Sabanci University 2012

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Conference papers

Other Publications

Yavuz, M Selim. (forthcoming 2018). ‘Reight mardy tykes: Northernness, Peaceville Three, and death/doom music world’. In: Holland, S. & Spracklen, K. (eds.), Alternativity and Marginalization. Bingley: Emerald Publishing.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2017). ‘“Delightfully depressing”: death/doom metal music world and the emotional responses of the fan’. Metal Music Studies 3 (2), 201-218.

Lashua, Brett; Spracklen, Karl; Wagg, Stephen & Yavuz, M Selim. (eds.) (forthcoming 2018). Sound and the City Volume II. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Yavuz, M Selim; Holland, Samantha & Spracklen, Karl. (eds.) (forthcoming 2018). Dark leisure and music special issue. Annals of Leisure Research 21 (3).
Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘Conference Review: “Modern Heavy Metal: Markets, Practices and Cultures, Helsinki, Finland, 8-12 June 2015”’. Metal Music Studies 2 (1), 131-134.
Research Seminars
Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘“A Sea to Suffer in”: death/doom fans and emotion’. Research Seminar Series. 13 October. Odense: University of Southern Denmark, the Performances of Everyday Living Research Group.
______________ (2017) 15 February. Music and Sound Subject Group: Research Seminars Spring 2017. Leeds: Leeds Beckett University.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘Gloomy divergence: doom metal as dark leisure’. Extreme Music Research Seminar Series. 10 March. Odense: University of Southern Denmark, the Performances of Everyday Living Research Group. Accessible from < https://c.deic.dk/p11xfkrjh5e/ [password: music]>

Conference Presentations
Yavuz, M Selim. (2017). ‘“As good as Metallica, yet from Halifax”: death/doom metal as part of Yorkshire, England’. Modern Heavy Metal Conference 2017. 28 June-2 July. Helsinki: Aalto University.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2017). ‘“My Dying Bride is Swan”: conflict and boundary in death/doom metal music world’. International Society for Metal Music Studies 2017 Conference: Boundaries and Ties – The Place of Metal Music in Communities. 9-11 June. Victoria, BC: University of Victoria.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2017). ‘“The Raven and the Rose”: tradition and death/doom metal music’. British Forum for Ethnomusicology Conference 2017. 20-23 April. Sheffield: University of Sheffield.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘“Humörets Bottenvåning”: suicide in depressive suicidal black metal music’. Extreme Music Conference. 1-2 December. Odense: University of Southern Denmark.
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Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘“The Blood, The Wine, The Roses”: lust and contrast in My Dying Bride’s music’. Dark Leisure and Music Symposium. 16 September. Leeds: Leeds Beckett University.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘“Quiet These Paintings Are”: the function of slowness in doom metal styles’. IASPM UK & Ireland Biennial Conference. 8-10 September. Brighton: University of Sussex.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘“My Body, A Funeral”: dark leisure activity and death reflections in death/doom and gothic/doom metal music’. Death & Culture Conference. 2-3 September. York: University of York.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘“Golden Hatred”: anti-war sentiment and transgression in death/doom metal’. Metal and Politics Conference. 9 June. Bournemouth: Bournemouth University.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2016). ‘“Gateways of Bereavement”: a defense of sub-categorization in metal music’. Metal and Musicology Conference. 12 March. Hull: University of Hull.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2015). ‘“Death – Pierce Me”: a case study considering a Freudian repetition-compulsion view’. Westminster-Goldsmiths Symposium for Student Research in Popular Music. 24 June. London: University of Westminster.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2013). ‘John Dowland’ın uhrevi metinler kullandığı şarkılar üzerine bir anlam ve gerekçelendirme analizi (A meaning and justification analysis on the sacred text settings of John Dowland)’ [in Turkish]. Youth Meeting in Musicology III. 4 October. Istanbul: Istanbul Technical University.
Yavuz, M Selim. (2013). ‘A comparative look at the settings of sacred texts by John Dowland’. John Dowland 450th Anniversary Conference. 4-5 May. Cambridge: Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge.


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