I work on race, gender, sexuality, politics, and American minority religions. My current project, Women and Children Last: Sex, Abuse, and American Minority Religions, looks at how Americans code religious difference as sexual danger.  The next one’s on the ways contemporary American whiteness is (or feels) threatened by Muslims and Islam.

I’m also an expert in creative and innovative pedagogy and a syllabus design nerd.


PhD, Religion and American Culture – UNC Chapel Hill
MA, Religion and Sexuality – UNC Chapel Hill
MA, Women’s Studies – Drew University
BS, Print Journalism – Boston University


Recent (** denotes peer reviewed)

“‘They Couldn’t Get My Soul’: Recovered Memories, Ritual Abuse, and the Specter(s) of Religious Difference,” Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses 47.2 (2018): 280-298.**

“‘They Do That to Foreign Women’: Domestic Terrorism and Contraceptive Nationalism in Not Without My Daughter,” The Muslim World 106.4 (2016): 759-780.**

Manning the High Seat: Seiðr as Self-Making in Contemporary Norse Neopaganisms,” in Magic in the Modern World, ed. Marco Edward Bever and Randall Styers. University Park, PA: Penn State University Press, 2017.

Staying After Class: Memory and Materiality beyond Heaven’s Gate,” Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions 20.4 (2017): 80-93.**

Sarsour’s Struggle for Justice: It Is Our Duty to Think Harder or Sit Down,” The Maydan, “RoundCorner,” August 7, 2017.

“Planned Parenthood? Forsaking American Women for the Mother of All Bombs,” Bulletin for the Study of Religion, “Theorizing Religion in the Age of Donald Trump” Series, May 16, 2017.


“Costs of Corporate Conscience: How Women, Queers, and People of Color Are Paying for Hobby Lobby’s Sincerely-Held Beliefs,” in Religion in the Age of Obama, ed. Juan Marcial Floyd-Thomas and Anthony Pinn. New York: Bloomsbury.

“Becoming Muslim: Deleuze and the Racialization of American Islam,” in Deleuze and Islam, ed. Michael Muhammad Knight. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

“‘I Can Take Your Eyes’: Islam and Gendered Surveillance in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” in New Approaches to Islam in Film, ed. Kristian Petersen. London: Routledge.

“Gendering the End of Days: Religion and Abuse in ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,’” Crosscurrents (special issue on apocalyptic media).**

Review of Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip-Hop in the United States, by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer. American Academy of Religion’s Reading Religion.

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