I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of International and Diplomatic Studies, Prague University of Economics and Business. Recently I co-investigate Czech astronomers’ involvement in international political organizations funded within a three-year interdisciplinary research grant funded by the Czech Science Foundation. In 2020, I was appointed as a postdoctoral visiting scholar at Northeastern University, Boston, and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, under Professor Mai’a K. D. Cross and Professor Peter M. Haas for six months where I dealt with the professionalism of epistemic communities in IR. I focus on applications of the social constructivist concept of the epistemic community via qualitative data analysis in various domains of international politics.

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    GAČR 19-20678S: The first post-war generation of Czech astronomers, astrophysicists and mathematicians: Interdisciplinary research of the history of science networks (role: co-applicant)


    Project descriptionThe first post-war generation of Czech astronomers, astrophysicists and mathematicians: Interdisciplinary research of the history of science networks.


    Applicant: doc. RNDr. Martin Šolc, CSc. (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague) Co-applicants: Dr. phil. Tomáš Pavlíček, Ph.D. (Masaryk Institute and Archive of the Czech Academy of Sciences ) and Mgr. Miloslav Machoň, PhD. (Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague)


    The goal: The goal of the interdisciplinary project is to examine how the appreciation of Czech scientists depended on the generational discourses, their influence on forming the scientific institution from the inside, and how they exploited their skills in international political organisations (1950s–1980s).


    Abstract: The aim of the project is to examine the training of astronomers and astrophysicists in Prague and Brno in 1945–1959 (the first post-war generation) in broader circumstances. The resulting collective biography will be based on the research of the generational consciousness and forms of education (the role of teachers, textbooks, and public observatories). The question is how the generation was shaped by historical events and by its common experience, how Czech scientists (including mathemathicians) transferred the experience to their professional careers and formed the institutions from the inside. The interdisciplinary project allows to combine the increase of astronomical knowledge with quantitative methods of history (biographies, generational discourse) and qualitative methods of international affairs (epistemic communities). This approach to history of science has the ambition to capture the academic and social context of the development of natural sciences and explain the significant representation of Czech astronomers in society and in the field of astronautics and space law.

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