My work is concerned with Greek and Roman literature, religion, and philosophy, from Homer to late antiquity, and their reception in European intellectual history.



  • Dr. phil. University of Berne (2001)

  • lic. phil. University of Berne (Switzerland) (1999)

Research Fellowships and Awards

  • 2013/14: Archie K. Davis Fellow at the National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, NC

  • 2009/10: Member in the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

  • 2005/06: Junior Fellow, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC

  • 2004/05: Fellow of the German Research Foundation at the University of Oxford

Other Publications

  • Die Suche nach der Schuld. Sophokles’ Oedipus Rex, Aristoteles’ Poetik und das Tragödienverständnis der Neuzeit (München/Leipzig: Teubner/Saur 2004; repr. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter 2013), 505 pp. [reviews: A. Kerkhecker, Museum Helveticum 62 (2005) 224f., R. Lohse, Romanische Forschungen 119 (2007) 257–260; G. Boter, “Lees maar: er staat niet wat er staat. Over Oedipus’ schuld en Aristoteles’ hamartia”, Lampas 43 (2010) 3–19; for responses by some of the scholars whose positions were challenged in the book, see H. Flashar, Gnomon 78 (2006) 671–674 and E. Lefèvre, CR 57, (2007) 18–20, whose angry outburst is cowardly disguised as an impartial review by an independent observer]

  • Lamella Bernensis. Ein spätantikes Goldamulett mit christlichem Exorzismus und verwandte Texte (Stuttgart/ Leipzig: Teubner 1999), 189 pp. [co-written with Th. Gelzer & C. Schäublin] [reviews: J. Engemann in JbAC 43 (2000) 55–70, F. Graf, MH 57 (2000) 317, H.W. Pleket, Mnemosyne 54 (2001) 258–259; A. Chaniotis, Kernos 15 (2002) 367f.]

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    My current project looks at traditions of pessimism in Greek pre-Platonic literature and thought and the central, yet strangely neglected role the notion of ‘Greek pessimism’ plays in Burckhardt’s and Nietzsche’s anti-modernist interpretations of Greek culture.

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