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Beginning in 2012, the Outstanding Publication Award from the Society for Music Theory’s Popular Music Interest Group exists to acknowledge […]

13 July 2018 13 July 2018 adam krims, alison stone, allan moore, blues, bob dylan, brad osborn, country, danger mouse, dave easley, dj, drew nobile, form, grey album, hardcore, harmonic function, harmonic syntax, introduction, kant, kyle adams, laptop performance, mark butler, mash ups, meter, nick stoia, post-kantion, punk, rhythm, riffs, robert fink, robin attas, schemas, song means, soul, steven rings, terminally climactic form, verse-chorus
Resources for Online Music Theory Teaching

Many of our institutions are moving classes online temporarily or for the rest of the semester. The resources below are […]

13 March 2020 6 May 2022 online, pedagogy
SMT conference activities

SMT Conference Activities The Popular Music Interest Group has hosted a variety of special sessions and activities at the annual […]

13 July 2018 16 July 2018 20th-c. popular music, annual meeting, beach boys, career issues, empirical musicology, fan dance, form, intertextuality, kendrick lamar, minneapolis, nashville numbers, pedagogy, prince, protest, sam phillips, skill share, smile, smt, technology, timbre, to pimp a butterfly, urban geography

POPULAR MUSIC INTEREST GROUP BYLAWS Approved December 15, 2019 ARTICLE I. NAME The group will be known as the Popular Music […]

3 June 2019 8 September 2020 administration, bylaws

Contents General Pop-rock theory and analysis “Popular music” and the canon Analytical Approaches To find entries specific to a subject, […]

21 June 2018 21 June 2018
notes from small group discussion, SMT 2018

Lyrics:   Performance: In the performance group, we discussed our widely varying repertoires and gave brief summaries of our general […]

2 January 2019 2 January 2019 bass-harmonic divorce, corpus study, empirical musicology, fusion, harmonic-melodic divorce, irony, lyrics, meter, modality, performance, rhythm, timbre, tonality, topics
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