My research can be broadly divided into two areas:
(1) 19th-20th century American and English literature, and
(2) Modern and contemporary Japanese language, literature, and culture. Studies in global modernism and transnational exchanges bring these two fields together. Related research interests include feminist, postcolonial, and critical theory; the multi-ethnic literatures of the US, particularly African-American literature; the American South; Gothic literature; visual texts, arts, and culture.


Ph.D., English     University of California, Berkeley

(December 2003)

William Faulkner’s Modernist Nympholepsy: The Pursuit of an Aesthetic Form

Carolyn Porter (Director); Christopher Nealon, Judith Butler

Designated Emphasis Candidate, Women, Gender & Sexuality Program, 1997-2003

M.A., Japanese     University of California, Berkeley

(December 2002)

The Chiasmatic Turn: Narrative Desire in Kanai Mieko’s Early Fiction

Alan Tansman (Director); Daniel O’Neill, Carolyn Porter

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (1991-2) Yokohama, Japan (administered by Stanford University)

M.A., English      University of California, Berkeley (May 1991) ‘Live Burial’ in an American Gothic Mode: Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Carolyn Porter (Director); Barbara Christian, Dorothy Hale

B.A., English   Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

(December 1988)


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Insect Selves: Posthumanism in Modern Japanese Literature and Culture (in progress)

Silk Triangles: A Case Study of U.S.-Japan Global and Local Ties (in progress)


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Association for Japanese Literary Studies (AJLS)

American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ)

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