I’m a researcher and teacher, in the broad area of philosophy and religion. Slightly narrower, my specialism is Judaism, and narrower still I focus on Jewish mysticism and modern Jewish thought (from Soloveitchik to Benjamin, Rosenzweig, Levinas, et al). However I’m stubbornly interdisciplinary and usually try to cross the boundaries between different aspects of philosophy and speculative thought as well as trying to keep up with current research in scientific, linguistic and psychological fields which connect with my interests. Keeping it broad helps to revitalise intellectual disciplines and keep them exciting.

The other area I’m increasingly focusing on in my research and teaching is Black Judaism, especially the Hebrew Israelite movement.

I’m also very interested in experimenting with the forms of research, writing and teaching – making these practices more accessible, more artistic, more willing to think outside the usual boxes.


  • Certificate, Bridging the Great Divide. The Jewish-Muslim Encounter: The Woolf Institute (Cambridge)

  • PhD, Jewish Studies (Theology): University of Nottingham

  • Diploma, Messianism: Jewish and Christian Perspectives: CEU Summer University (Budapest)

  • MA, Religious Studies (Distinction): Lancaster University

  • BA, Philosophy: University of Hertfordshire

  • Other Publications


    2015 The Name of God in Jewish Thought: A Philosophical Analysis of Mystical Traditions from Apocalyptic to Kabbalah (Routledge)

    Refereed Journal Articles
    2019 “Black Judaism(s) and the Hebrew Israelites” Religion Compass 13.11

    2018 “Allowing the Fly to Leave: The Chance Meeting of Wittgenstein and Bunuel at a Mexican Dinner Table (with James Batcho) Film-Philosophy 22.3

    2016 “Kaplan and Wittgenstein: Atheism, Phenomenology, and the Use of Language” Melilah 12 (2015): 70-83

    2016 “The Evolution of the Patriarch Enoch in Jewish Tradition” Distant Worlds 1.1 (2016): 128-141

    2015 “Abraham Abulafia’s Mystical Theology of the Divine Name and its Philosophical Revision in Walter Benjamin” Medieval Mystical Theology 24.1 (2015): 80-94

    2013 “Folk Etymology and its Influence on Metatron Traditions” Journal for the Study of Judaism 44.3 (2013): 339-355.

    2012 “Chaos and Identity: Onomatology in the Hekhalot Literature” Bamidbar 3.1 (2012): 36-51.

    Book Chapters

    (Forthcoming) “The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem: A Borderline Case” in Jewish Perspectives on the Stranger, ed. Catherine Bartlett (Brill).

    (Forthcoming) “Metaphysics of the Name in Israelite Thought: The Hebrew Conception of God’s Nature” in A Paradise of Paradoxes: Resolute Perplexities of Israel’s Inscrutable Edenic Trees and Ineffable God, ed. Alex S. Kohav & Ori Soltes (Routledge)

    2020 (Forthcoming) “Prophecy and Visions: Jewish Traditions” and “Journey to the Other World: Jewish Traditions” in Prophecy and Prognostication in Medieval European and Mediterranean Societies, ed. Matthias Heiduk et al (Walter de Gruyter)

    2014 “The Name of the Beast: Monstrosity and Self in Michael Gira and Nietzsche” in Monstrous Reflections, ed. Petra Rehling & Elsa Bouet (Inter-Disciplinary Press) pp.63-70.


    “Verbal and Visual Vistas: Differentiating modes of Prophetic Revelation and Prognostication in Medieval Jewish Mysticism” (IKGF, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Fate, Freedom and Prognostication: Strategies for Coping with the Future in East Asia and Europe.)


    2011 British Association for Jewish Studies

    2012 Society for Biblical Literature

    2012 World Union of Jewish Studies

    2013 European Association for Jewish Studies

    2016 Mystical Theology Network

    2016 Association for the Continental Philosophy of Religion

    2019 Jewish-Muslim Research Network

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