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    Full Abstract: Indiana University has been at the forefront of large-scale media preservation since the launch of the Sound Directions: Best Practices for Audio Preservation project in 2005. The subsequent Media Preservation Survey Report (2009) and formation of the Media Preservation Initiative Task Force (2010) have culminated in the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative. MDPI, now in its second year*, intends to digitize and preserve 250,000 of Indiana University’s most volatile media resources by the university’s bicentennial in 2020. What are the implications of such a project on collection management and workflows? What must an institution consider before moving forward with this work? How do the policies and practices of the past continue to impact the present? Sharing examples of the decisions made, projects undertaken, and lessons learned, this panel will provide details about the IU music library’s participation in the university-wide initiative and its development, give an overview of the MDPI lifecycle, demonstrate the tools being used to gather and present content and metadata, and discuss the potential impacts of digitization at scale on cataloging and collection management.