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    Hi Claire, thanks for the invitation to join this group. For folks who don’t know me, I’m a historian of medicine. I have several projects underway, but one of them is a comprehensive study of all Latin medical literature in circulation from ca. 1075 to ca. 1225. This includes the period of extraordinary activity in southern Italy centered at the monastery of Monte Cassino (particularly under the abbacy of Desiderius), and, in the 12th century, at Salerno. For this project, I have already identified 550 manuscripts from the period, and hope to launch an online database in the next couple of years. I’m am also working on a monograph offering the first comprehensive study of the oeuvre of Constantinus Africanus (d. 1098/99), a monk at Monte Cassino who was the first translator of Arabic medicine into Latin. Lots of my publications, and also summaries of in-progress work, can be found on my Academia.edu page: https://asu.academia.edu/MonicaHGreen.

    • So nice to have you here Monica. I can’t wait for your book on Constantius Africanus!

      • Actually, no need to wait. A colleague and I are starting a Constantine-themed blog in December. Will send news when it’s up and running. (And sorry about misspelling your name in initial post. Always have to double-check if it’s “Clare” or “Claire.”)