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    Introduction: Open Science (OS) is a movement within the field of science to enable the free accessibility of honestly generated and truthful scientific research possessing the capabilities of reproducibility and re-use with the input of and benefit for all stakeholders of science. Purpose: The purpose of this masters dissertation it to investigate the ethical benefits and implications of OS and its impact on scientific research and the nature of scholarly communication and publishing with regards to its position within the open access (OA) movement and relation to research ethics. Method: Qualitative desk research in the form of a thematic analysis to analyse semantic and latent themes within data with specific keywords, sourced from the CityLibrary search tool, the Library and Information Science and Technologies Abstract (LISTA) database and Web of Science database. Findings: There are numerous benefits of OS built on the cornerstone of openness of the entire research lifecycle. From it stems ethical principles of transparency, reproducibility and collaborative research efforts. But these ethical benefits and their processes themselves pose ethical implications such as privacy, authorship and bias, as well as practical implications such as the development and implementation of infrastructures and policies and who will carry the burden of cost. Conclusion: OS has the potential to enact a culture change with scientific research, but not without addressing key barriers to change. More research is needed to decipher the workings of suggested OS practices in their role to benefit research dissemination and usher in the second scientific revolution.