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    This paper uses the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the publication of the original report on the Corbridge Hoard, together with the redisplay of the finds in the site museum at Corbridge, to review the findings of the original report. The ‘lorica segmentata’ armour is considered in the light of more recent finds from Carlisle (UK), Stillfried (Austria), and León (Spain), before reviewing the evidence for the need for a padded undergarment to be worn with the armour. The use of different styles of riveting (peening, hammering over, and roves) suggests repairs, whilst signs of cannibalisation are evident amongst the armour sets in general. These factors are considered in the light of recent evidence for the state of unrest in Northern Britain. The question of legionary/auxiliary differentiation in the armour is reconsidered using the latest archaeological and sub-literary sources, as is the whole question of why the Hoard was buried in the first place.