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    I research the afterlives of Christian/Gnostic Apocrypha in American religion, culture and beyond.

    The Kingdom is Within You: The Lost Gospels and Post-Christian America under contract with UVA.


    PhD, Rice 2017 (History of Religions and Christianity)

    MA, Rice 2013

    B.A., SFSU 2008 (Philosophy and Religion, summa cum laude)


    Reception of the Nag Hammadi Codices in American religion and culture.

    Textbook: Luminous Beings Are We: Star Wars and Religion  (teaching Religious Studies through Star Wars).

    Afterlives of ancient Gnostic/apocryphal ideas, tropes and mythemes in contemporary American religions and culture [divine double; docetism and adoptionist Christology; anthropic dualism; archons; apocalypses; angels; Adam/Eve.]

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