• Matt Bernico deposited Anthropodicy: An Anarchism of Things on Humanities Commons 4 years, 11 months ago

    Bruno Latour’s seminal work We Have Never Been Modern urges us to consider what he calls “a parliament of things.” This notion of a “parliament of things” offers a new opportunity for the study of philosophy and anarchism. It is a start, but lacks a certain bravery and sense of adventure. In never being modern, we don’t find ourselves in the midst of a parliament of things, but an anarchy of things: a radical flatness of objects in which we must rethink property, politics and ecology. Additionally, Graham Harman’s “Object Oriented Philosophy” demonstrates and cultivates Latour’s work into a new type of ontological anarchism, not of humans, but of things. This project seeks to connect up the metaphysics of Latour and Harman with anarchism.