Innocentiy Martynow is a part-time researcher of «History of dissent in the USSR (1954– 1987)» research program at Research and Educational center of International Memorial Society (Moscow). He is interested in interdisciplinary methods of cultural research, historical anthropology and semiotics. More specifically his work explores Soviet cultural everyday practices linked to visuality (mainly during the Late socialism period), as well as underground cultures in the USSR and contemporary Russia.

His research as an independent scholar explores the impact of new digital media on the ways of representation and production of sexuality.


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of History


Forthcoming: Iconography and emblematics of Alexander Solzhenitsyn 

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    Ongoing project — ‘Photography’s adventures in dissident land: late-soviet uncensored culture beyond samizdat‘ (powered by International ‘Memorial’ Society, Research and Educational center (Moscow))

    Any suggestions upon scholarly collaboration are welcome.

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    (Un)queering the species: sexuality beyond human in single-player RPGs‘ — to be presented at EHU (Vilnius) on Nov, 3-4


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