• Happiness is a universal human objective. We all want to be happy. But how we define, pursue, and maintain happiness often seems vague and elusive. That is why we need a personal philosophy of happiness.

    This presentation lays out the underlying considerations and examines why other avenues of securing happiness are not succeeding. And it describes how we can arrive at our personal philosophy, guided by a deep understanding of our happiness. Happiness then reveals itself not only as our ultimate objective but also as its own organizing principle: The Happiness Principle.

    The presentation is divided into the following sections:

    1. Foundations.
    2. The Necessity of an Independent Approach.
    3. Substitute Strategies.
    4. Trials of Happiness.
    5. Happiness in Traditional Settings.
    6. The Happiness Principle.
    7. Philosophy of Happiness Book Genesis.
    8. The Bane of Instructions.
    9. Happiness in a Pluralistic Society.
    10. Individual Strategies.
    11. Defense Mechanisms.
    12. Conclusion.