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Mark Lipton is the author of the media literacy textbook Smoke Screens: From Tobacco Outrage to Media Activism (with M. Dewing and Children’s Media Project, Children’s Health Initiative, 2002), has written numerous monographs on the subject of media education; is a co-editor of Visualizing the Web: Evaluating Online Design from A Visual Communication Perspective (Peter Lang, 2010); and author of Research, Write, Create: Connecting Scholarship to Digital Media (with T. Gibson, Oxford U.P., 2015). Lipton’s research funding includes support from the Canadian Council on Learning, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Mellon Foundation, Ford Foundation, Children’s Services Council, United Way, and others. He has a 30-year record of teaching about culture and communication, digital literacies and pedagogy and the changing role and value of technology in society. As a multidisciplinary practitioner, Lipton has great experience employing alternative pedagogical models for both private and public sector professional development programs.


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