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My interests lie chiefly in lyric poetry (American and British), in African-American literature, and in the history of the Reconstruction. I am author of “The Ordeal of Robert Frost: The Poet and the Poetics” (Illinois, 1997), co-editor, with Richard Poirier, of the Library of America’s edition of Frost (1995), editor of “The Collected Prose of Robert Frost” (Harvard, 2007), co-editor of “The Letters of Robert Frost” (Harvard), the first volume of which is due out in January 2014, and editor of “Robert Frost in Context,” due out from Cambridge in 2014.

As for lyric poetry: I most often read, assign in classrooms, and write about––as for example in the weblog listed above––17th century British poetry, Emily Dickinson, Frost, Thomas Hardy and Philip Larkin.

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