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    The present paper aims to investigate the role of anthropology in the development of Ritual Studies as an inter-disciplinary platform, with a focus on ritual dynamics by using a historiographic description, focusing on thetransition of Greco-Roman to Christian culture. This study attempts to shed light not only on the contributionof anthropology to Ritual Studies and how rituals are constantly changing, but it also underpins exploratoryanalysis on how religion and rituals have been researched by the first generation of scholars, like Edward Burnett Tylor, William Robertson Smith, James Frazer and Jane Ellen Harrison to scholars like Victor Turner, Ronald Grimes and more recent authors like Gil Renberg, Hedvig von Ehrenheim, Risto Uro and Richard DeMaris. Further, the goal is to clarify how anthropologists examined Christianity in Late Antiquity, thematized by the healing ritual temple sleep and stipulated by the examples used, to conclude how anthropological theories, like the liminality model of Arnold van Gennep, are applied to ritual healing. This study is innovative and challeng-ing through the application of Ritual Studies to the transition from Greco-Roman culture to Christian culture, with emphasis on ritual and change.