I was trained as a classical philologist and a linguist. I wrote my PhD on the ‘Semantics of Colour Terms in Hellenistic Poetry’ (University of Athens, Greece 2011). My research is interdisciplinary and draws on a wide range of sources and methodologies. I have published over 30 academic papers in well-acclaimed international volumes and have managed several research projects in Greek Dialectology at the Academy of Athens, Greece and at the Greek Ministry of Education, where I was tenured 2001, after succeeding in rigorous nation-wide examinations. In 2014 I earned a two-year Marie Curie Fellowship entitled ‘Chlamys. The cultural biography of a garment in Hellenistic Egypt’ (Grant agreement no. 657898). This prestigious grant resulted in a two-year fellowship at the University of Copenhagen (May 2015 – April 2017) Project website: http://ctr.hum.ku.dk/marie-sklodowska-curie-projects/previous-marie-sklodowska-curie-projects/chlamys/ Since January 2017 I have been a member of Equipe Condillac-Listic at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc, an international research group interested in different aspects of ontology and multilingual terminology (http://new.condillac.org/members/). As a member of this team in charge of initiatives linked to Digital Humanities, my research activities aim at promoting the interdisciplinary dialogue between different research communities, namely those working in Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Semantic Web technologies and Ontology, with Humanists, especially those working in Classics broadly defined, i.e., covering all possible expressions of the cultures and cultural heritage of Ancient Greece and Rome, both tangible and intangible: movable and immovable objects, texts, and practices.

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