Hello Humanities Commons! My name is Matthew Thomas Okum I am 23 years old and I am currently finishing my final few course for my undergraduate degree in History at Carleton University. Last year I finished my honours research essay (HRE)under the supervision of Professor John Walsh. My HRE examined the Old Stone Mill in Delta and how the Delta Mill Society saved the 1810 building from being demolished in 1964 and how they restored the building to its former glory as a functioning grist mill. Today the Delta Mill grinds historic heritage Red Fife wheat on the original 200 year old Burh stones. This year I will be exploring possibly getting my HRE published and will also be pursuing a Master degree- in what field of historical study is still to be determined.

This current school year 2018-2019 I am finishing up my electives and also taking a fourth year seminar Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts taught by Professor Marc Saurette. I took this course to further my understanding of Digital humanities and how to use online resources to curate history and especially history that I find intriguing. I am a slow learner when it comes to anything digital but I am determined to create an academic online presence in order to network but more importantly to further my own research and interests. While taking this course I will also be working on building a website from scratch, built around my HRE, on a platform called Reclaim Hosting using a wordpress plugin. I have little to no background with digital humanities but I believe that creating out of passion, specifically my passion for historic mills in Ontario, will yield a harvest I am proud of. This profile will document my experiences online while taking Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts  but also to document my experiences building a website around my HRE.


https://www.thatshistoric.com/exhibitions-1I was recently published in Carleton’s undergraduate history journal “That’s Historic”. My short entry analyzed the life and legacy of the great 1920 Vaudeville dancer Josephine Baker: how she rose to parisian stardom, world stardom, and whether she subverted or perpetuated racial stereotypes surrounding blacks in 1920s Paris.

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