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    Shwaikh, Malaka and Gould, Rebecca Ruth (2023), Prison Hunger Strikes in Palestine A Strategic Perspective, International Centre on Nonviolent Conflict.


    Invited Chapter:


    Shwaikh, Malaka (2020) “Translation in the war-zone: the Gaza Strip as case study”. In the Routledge Handbook of Translation and Activism by Gould, R. R. and Tahmasebian, K. (eds.). London: Routledge, pp. 129-144. Published.


    Refereed Journal Papers:


    Shwaikh, Malaka M. (2022) “Prison Periods: Bodily Resistance to Gendered Control”. Journal of Feminist Scholarship 20 (Spring): 33-48. 10.23860/jfs.2022.20.03. Published.


    Shwaikh, Malaka (2021) “Palestinian Women in Israeli Prisons: Motherhood, Body Resistance and Education”, Slovak Monthly Kapitál, available at: The Slovak version of the article is available here: Published.


    Shwaikh, Malaka (2020) “Engendering hunger strikes: Palestinian women in Israeli prisons”, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. pp. 1-19. Published.

    Shwaikh, Malaka and Ruth Gould, Rebecca (2020) “The Palestine exception to academic freedom: intertwined stories from the frontlines of UK-based Palestine activism”, Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly. 42, 4, pp. 752-773. Published. 50% contribution.

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