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    This essay aims to make a thorough analysis and evaluation of the research paper, ‘Selecting fiction as a part of everyday life information seeking’ (Ooi and Liew, 2011). In doing so, it broadly uses the ‘three-pass’ approach proposed by Keshav (2007), in order to better appraise the material, its proposals, research methods, findings and conclusions. As part of the evaluation three other recent papers on a related subject will be referred to, by Begum (2011), Howard (2011), and Elsweiler, Wilson and Kirkegaard Lunn (2011). The aim of this is to draw a comparison to other recent findings in the field, and thus to assess the validity of Ooi and Liew’s findings.
    A full evaluation will be made of the study’s findings, its research methods, citations, appropriateness, and clarity. Its recommendations and usefulness to the field will also be discussed, as well as any bias and/or ethical issues.
    This will be done using Keshav’s paper and recommendations as a guide, using particularly the ‘five C’s’ – Category, Context, Correctness, Contributions and Clarity.