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“Cram and Criticism: H.G. Wells and Late Victorian Education”, The Wellsian Vol 41 (2018)
Contributor to Teaching Online: A Guide to Theory, Research and Practice, by Claire Major (2015)
Constructing the Past Online: Discussion Board as History Lab“, The History Teacher Volume 47, Number 2 (February 2014)
“Collecting and Analyzing Primary Sources”, A  Plugged In Professor, Pixy Ferris & Hilary Wilder (Eds.) – (July 2013)
An Open, Online Class to Prepare Faculty to Teach Online“, The Journal of Educators Online (January 2013)
Chapters: “Teaching with Style” and “Making Course Management Systems Work”, Teaching the Humanities Online: A Practical Guide to the Virtual Classroom,  S. Hoffman & K. Robison (Eds.) M. E. Sharpe (Dec 2010)
“Insidious Pedagogy: How Course Management Systems Impact Teaching”, First Monday, Volume 14 Number 10 (27 September 2009)
“Toolbox or Trap? Course Management Systems and Pedagogy“, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, vol. 31, no. 2 (April–June 2008)


Currently working on HG Wells and late Victorian educational reforms


North American Conference on British Studies
H.G. Wells Society
Society for the History of Technology
Society for History Education
Research Society for Victorian Periodicals
North American Victorian Studies Association

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