I am a Chicana literary studies scholar who works at Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage (Recovery) at the University of Houston (UH). I received my Ph.D. in English, with a focus on Chicanx literature at Rice University. Currently, I am the Digital Programs Manager for the Mellon-supported US Latina/o Digital Humanities program. I teach interdisciplinary courses through the Center for Mexican American Studies.


Ph.D., English, Rice University

M.A., Hispanic Studies, Rice University

B.A., English and Political Science, Rice University



“Chasing Miss Jimenez: Re-reading the Chicana Vendida through Colonial Affect-Culture.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. Forthcoming. 


Co-authored with Jessica Linker, Emma Slayton, and Alex Wermer-Colan. “Immersive Pedagogy: Developing a Decolonial and Collaborative Framework for Teaching and Learning in 3D/VR/AR.” The Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy. 17, May 2020. https://jitp.commons.gc.cuny.edu/immersive-pedagogy-developing-a-decolonial-and-collaborative-framework-for-teaching-and-learning-in-3d-vr-ar/


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Co-authored with Gabriela Baeza Ventura and Carolina Villarroel. “Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage: A Case Study on US Latina/o Archives and Digital Humanities.” Preservation, Digital Technology & Culture, 2019.


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Book Reviews

Book review of Cuando México se (re)apropia de Texas: Ensayos / When Mexico Recaptures Texas: Essays by Carmen Boullosa for Western American Literature. Vol. 51, no. 3, 2016.


Book review of Working-Class Literature(s): Historical and International Perspectives. John Lennon and Magnus Nilsson (eds.) for The Journal of Working-Class Studies, Vol. 3, no. 2, 2018. https://workingclassstudiesjournal.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/jwcs-vol-3-issue-2-dec-2018-gauthereau-1.pdf



“Interview with Michael Nava.” Literal Magazine. No. 37. http://literalmagazine.com/interview-with-michael-nava/

Encyclopedia Entries

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Translations (Sample)

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Blog Posts


Forthcoming. “DLFTeach Toolkit 2.0: Immersive Pedagogy: Resources for Humanities Teaching and Learning with 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality.” https://wiki.diglib.org/Pedagogy:Toolkit_2.0_CFP

“Are We Good Neighbors?: Mapping Discrimination Against Mexican Americans in 1940s Texas.” https://arcg.is/1C1bbv


(variously, 2012-present)

  • Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultural Femenina Hispánica (AILCFH)

  • Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH)

  • Center for Mexican American Studies, University of Houston (CMAS)

  • Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR)

  • Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage (Recovery)

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