Layne M. Farmen is a PhD student in the English Department of The University of Tulsa. Research interests include Transatlantic Modernism, particularly James Joyce Studies, along with Film, Adaptation and Trans-mediation. He has delivered conference papers on the work of James Joyce, the cinema of Richard Linklater, Barry Jenkins, and Terrence Malick, and the music of Bob Dylan, and Lauryn Hill.

He has published a book review for The James Joyce Literary Supplement, and conference reviews for the JJLS and also for James Joyce Quarterly. Currently he is planning to co-edit a volume on James Joyce and film entitled “Film After Joyce” (CFP: https://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/cfp/2019/06/18/film-after-joyce-essay-collection )

Research Assistant
Teaching Assistant
Adjunct Instructor at the University of South Florida, St Petersburg.

Graduate Assistant at the University of Tulsa
Oklahoma Center for the Humanities
Institute for Bob Dylan Studies
International James Joyce Foundation

Teaching Assistant at the University of Tulsa
Subscription Manager for James Joyce Quarterly


Enrolled in a PhD program in English, University of Tulsa. 2018-Present

Masters of Liberal Arts in English, University of South Florida, December 2016, GPA: 4.0
Comp Examinations: Unanimous High Pass

Thesis: Slacker Joyce: James Joyce, Richard Linklater, and the Silent Re-Canonization of the Masterpiece.

Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Education, University of South Florida, May 2013.


“A Pineapple Revolution”: The North American James Joyce Symposium ‘Joyce Without Borders,’ Mexico City, Mexico, 12-16 June 2019” James Joyce Quarterly, 56.1-2. Co-written with Emma-Louise Silva

“Ba-rock(que) and Roll Baby”: Review of The Art of James Joyce: International James Joyce Symposium, 2018. James Joyce Literary Supplement, Fall 2018. Co-written with Emma-Louise Silva

“Academic Trekkies”: Review of Diasporic Joyce: North American James Joyce Symposium, 2017. James Joyce Quarterly, Fall/2017


Thinking Different, Failing Better: Beckett in Popular Culture: Essays on a Postmodern Icon. Ed. by P.J. Murphy and Nick Pawliuk. North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2016. Print. James Joyce Literary Supplement, Fall/2017


Oklahoma Center for the Humanities:

“Channeling the Voice of God: Singing Benjamin Britten’s ‘War Requiem’” Oklahoma Center for the Humanities. November, 2018. https://humanities.utulsa.edu/wp-admin/post.php?post=1357&action=edit

“From the Voices of Oklahoma: Jeanne Eason Phillips Remembers” Oklahoma Center for the Humanities. October, 2018. https://humanities.utulsa.edu/from-the-voices-of-oklahoma-jeanne-eason-phillips-remembers/

“Remembering: Wilma Mankiller on Voices of Oklahoma” Oklahoma Center for the Humanities. October, 2018. https://humanities.utulsa.edu/remembering-wilma-mankiller-on-the-voices-of-oklahoma/

“Remembering: Oral Roberts on Voices of Oklahoma” Oklahoma Center for the Humanities. September, 2018. https://humanities.utulsa.edu/remembering-oral-roberts-on-voices-of-oklahoma/

TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies

“A Conversation with Daryl Sanders, Author of ‘That Thin, Wild Mercury Sound’” TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies. December, 2018. https://dylan.utulsa.edu/442-2/

“Welcoming Amanda Petrusich: ‘On Going There’” TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies. October, 2018. https://dylan.utulsa.edu/welcoming-amanda-petrusich-going/

“From the Voices of Oklahoma: Steve Ripley” TU Institute for Bob Dylan Studies. September, 2018. https://dylan.utulsa.edu/voices-oklahoma-steve-ripley/

Florida Humanities Council:

Stork, William. “William Stork, Description of East Florida.” Early Visions of Florida: A History of the Imagination. Ed. Layne Farmen and Jared Dimaggio. Florida Humanities Council, Web.


Film After Joyce Essay Collection. CFP is linked below


Waywords and Meansigns:

Contributor to Waywords and Meansigns, a project that sets Finnegan’s Wake to music, ongoing since
2014. Performed music and reading from chapter 1.7



Member of the College English Association, since 2018.

Member of the International James Joyce Foundation, since 2016.

Inducted into Phi Kappa Phi honor society, University of South Florida, 2015-2018

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