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    Environmental engineering education is enhanced by the internet with web pages full of information, instructions, photos, and videos of installations and equipment, and with means of communication that facilitate alerts to new developments. Students who have grown up with years of using the internet have different expectations and computer sophistication that have yet to be exploited fully at our colleges and universities. Some reasonable modifications of the undergraduate curriculum can improve matters. —————DEDICATION: I treasure my warm friendship with Donald B. Aulenbach that started in 1976 and lasted until his recent death. We were together when the university administration at RPI experimented with merging environmental engineering and chemical engineering. I continued to teach environmental engineering courses for almost two decades after Don and the other environmental professors went to civil engineering as I opted for chemical engineering. His unique perspectives were inspirational, and he was outstanding for research in the field while training students at Lake George and Dyken’s Pond. After retirement we often sat together at events such as monthly luncheon gatherings. I pray for his soul.