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    Nazih Shammas, Lawrence K. Wang, Luiz Claudio de Queiroz Faria, and Marco Aurelio Chaves Ferro (2013), ABASTECIMENTO de AGUA e REMOCAO de RESIDUOS (Spanish). Water Supply and Wastewater Removal — Water and Wastewater Engineering. Third Edition. 751 pages, Livros Tecnicos e Cientificos Editora Ltda (LTC) Grupo Editorial Nacional (GEN), http://www.grupogen.com.br, email: ltc@grupogen.com, ISBN 978-85-216-2283-3—————-ABSTRACT: This is the third edition of Fair, Geyer, and Okun’s Water and Wastewater Engineering textbook published by John Wiley and Sons. The textbook presents ample design equations and design example problems with both US customary ad SI units. Theories, principles and reliable problem-solving experience for students are carried throughout the text and demonstrated in every example problem to reinforce the best practices of civil, hydraulic and environmental engineering. Photos are used throughout the text to clarify infrastructure systems and show examples of built and constructed water supply and wastewater collection features. Examples of such issues include (a) water quality in distribution system; (b) groundwater under the direct influence of surface water; (c) dual water systems; (d) cross-connection control and back-flow prevention; (e) computer-aided water systems design; (f) design nomograms for fast water infrastructure analysis; (g) trenchless technology and rehabilitation of sewers; (h) computer-aided water distribution system modeling and analysis; (i) computer-aided gravity sewer system modeling and design; (j) modern alternative wastewatr collction systems; and (k) urban runoff and overflow management. Haestad Methods water solutions software by Bentley are presented in detail. The resources available to instructors include: Solutions Manual, Image Gallery and the Access to Student Resources.