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    My name is Léna Remy-Kovach. I am a Ph.D. Student in North American Indigenous Literatures at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, in Germany. I study the notions of healing and (re)conciliation in contemporary Horror and Gothic Indigenous novels.

    My current projects include the imagery of hunger and cannibalism in contemporary Native horror literature, the commodification of Native American monsters in Horror television series, and the use of traditional Euro-American creatures and tropes in modern Horror by Indigenous writers from Turtle Island.


    Doctorate of Philosophy, North American Studies
    Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg, Germany
    Doctoral Thesis: Healing and (Re)conciliation in Contemporary Gothic Indigenous Fiction

    Master of Arts, Indigenous and Canadian Studies
    Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

    Master of Arts, English and North American Studies
    Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
    Research Thesis: (The) American Indian(s) in Photography

    Bachelor of Arts, Italian Studies
    Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

    Bachelor of Arts, English and North American Studies
    Université Marc Bloch, Strasbourg, France


    “Sara Sue Hoklotubbe’s Sadie Walela Mystery Series.”
    Vol.4, No.2, December 2018.

    “Birth, Death, Healing: Cycles and Repetitions in Tomson Highway’s Kiss of The Fur Queen.”
    University of Bucharest Review
    Vol. 7, Iss. 1: Birth, Death, and Rebirth: Regeneration as Text, 2018. 

    “Exhaustion and Regeneration in Post-Millennial North American Literature and Visual Culture”
    U.S. Studies Online, July 4, 2018. 

    “Insatiable Hunger for Indigenous Flesh, Cultures, and Lands: Colonialism as a Ravenous Monster in ‘Monkey Beach’ and ‘Kiss of the Fur Queen.’”
    Parlour: A Journal of Literary Criticism and Analysis
    Iss. 3, Haunting, Horrible Hunger: Food for Fright, Spring 2018.

    “The Artist and ‘Indian Buff’: Frederick Weygold, Artist and Ethnographer of American Indians.”
    Vol.4, No.1, Spring 2018.

    “Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience, dir. by Audrey Geyer (Review).”
    The Middle West Review
    Vol.4, No.2, Spring 2018.

    Literature Today
    Vol.7, January 2018. 

    the quint: an interdisciplinary quarterly from the north
    Vol.10, No. 1, December 2017.


    (Reviewed, edited, and in printing)

    “Alexie, Sherman,”  “Leslie Marmon Silko: Ceremony,” “James Welch: Fool’s Crow,” “Treuer, David,” and “Zitkála-Šá.”
    DeRoche, Linda (ed.) 
    Twentieth Century and Contemporary American Literature in Context. 

    “Something Tells Me This Protest Is Far From Over: The Power Of Indigenous Visual Art In The #NoDAPL Protests”
    Kimak, Isabella & Julia Nikiel (eds.)
    ExRe(y): Exhaustion and Regeneration in Post-Millennial North American Literature and Visual Culture. . 
    New Americanists in Poland, Peter Lang.

    “The Commodification of The Windigo, a Traditional Algonquian Monster, In The Television Series Supernatural”
    Darowski, Joseph J. & John Darowski (eds.) 
    Monsters with a Thousand Faces: Adaptations of Literary Horrors. 
    University of Michigan Press.

    Remy-Kovach, Léna. “Elisabeth Bouzonviller: Louise Erdrich: métissage et écriture, histoires d’Amérique”
    RANAM (Recherches anglaises et nord-américaines.)
    Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg

    (Abstract/request accepted, in writing)

    Remy-Kovach, Léna. “Rosalyn LaPier’s Invisible Reality: Storytellers, Storytakers, and the Supernatural World of the Blackfeet.”
    The American Indian Quarterly.

    Remy-Kovach, Léna.“Do You Have a Little Native American in Your Story?”
    Szanter, Ashley and Jessica K. Richards (eds.) 
    I’m Already Dead: Essays on The CW’s iZombie and Vertigo’s iZOMBIE.
    McFarland Publishing.


    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    “Sweetest Kulu” by Celina Kalluk
    Kids’ Story Time
    Carl Schurz Haus, Germany, July 20, 2019


    Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
    NeMLA Graduate Caucus
    Contingent Adjunct Independent Scholar Two-Year (C.A.I.T.Y.) Caucus 
    Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) Caucus

    Popular Culture Association (PCA)
    American Culture Association (ACA)

    European Association for American Studies (EAAS) Women’s Network

    German Association for American Studies (DGfA)

    Carl Schurz Haus (German-American Institute) Freiburg

    Carleton University Alumni Association

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