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Independent scholar, author, translator of works by and about Tolkien into Brazilian Portuguese
Living and working in São Paulo – Brazil

Other Publications


Explicando Tolkien. São Paulo: Martins Fontes, 2003.


QWERTY Meets Fëanor: The Tengwar Typewriter. Quettar 21, November 1984.

Concordance Among the Calendars of Middle-earth: Endóreva Astanótië. Quettar 21, November 1984.

Glossaries from the Etymologies Part I. Vinyar Tengwar 5, May 1989.

Glossaries from the Etymologies Part II. Vinyar Tengwar 6, June 1989.

The Geographical Relation between Beleriand and Eriador. Mallorn 26, September 1989.

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