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    “Unter Männern” weaves together three threads of, first, historically relevant memory recited by its chosen protagonists; second, some personal history on the part of the primary filmmaker (i.e., director Ringo Rösener); and, third, between and among them, filmic artifacts or evidence of life in the GDR. This documentary presents the aforementioned interviews, but it is intriguing not for this inclusion, but rather for the mobilization of self-reflexivity, autobiography, and self-presentation on the part of the filmmaker as a means of processing and presenting what the interviewees relate. “Unter Männern”offers a compelling examination of gay individuals who lived in the GDR and who recount and relive diverse experiences with the apparatus of the GDR state. This film is one that does not do purely or customary documentarian work in a way that one might expect of an expository historical narrative. Instead the film points toward discontinuities that mark distinct eras of gay experience and possibility: pre- and post-Wall in the GDR and post-GDR.