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    My research, teaching, and service focus on writing studies as theorized with cultural studies:  specifically, business, creative writing, professional and technical writing.


    • B.A. from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, English Literature

    • B.A. Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Anthropology

    • M.A. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, Writing

    • Ph.D. University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, Composition and Rhetoric


    See my academic site and CV for detail publications:  or email me at

    Selected Publications

    • Wills, K.V. & Rice, R.  (Eds.) (2013).ePortfolio Performance Support Systems: Constructing, Presenting, and Assessing Portfolios in Public Workplaces.

    • Scott, B., B. Longo, & K. V. Wills (Eds). (2006).Critical Power Tools: Technical Communication and Cultural Studies. Albany: SUNY. Edited Collection.

    • Tsiopos Wills, K.V. (2015). A Study of Technological Literacy and Privilege in Writing Programs. Omni Scriptum P. Saarbrucken, GER. ISBN 978-3-639-76383-6.

    • Bousquet, M., & K. Wills (Eds). (2004).Politics of Information: Electronic Mediation of Social Change.   Alt-X/EBR Critical E-Books Series inaugural edition.

    • Wills, K.V. (Ed). (1999). Reflections of Courage: Letters and Poetry to Dr. Martin Luther King from Students of IPS 44. Little Voice and Chapbooks.Com Indianapolis, IN. Edited collection.


    • Schleifer, R., Townsend, M.A., Tsiopos Wills, K.V., Akasakalova, O., Nemec Ignashev, D., & Vendiktova, T. (2016). Under Lomonosov’s Watchful Gaze: A Case Study of an Early Faculty Development Writing Workshop in Russia. Contrastive Linguistics, #5: 297-310.


    • *Lovejoy, K., Fox, S., & Wills, K. (2015). “From language Experience to classroom practice: Affirming linguistic diversity in writing pedagogy.” Students’ Rights to Their Own Language. (Eds) Perryman-Clark, S., Kirkland, D.E., & A. Jackson. Bedford St. Martins: Boston. REPRINT

    • Warchal, L.R., Ruiz. A.I., Lin, P. L., Drnach, M., Wills, K., & N. Marthakis. (2013) “Reflections on connections in service learning” Lin, P. L. (Ed).Fourth International Symposium on Service-Learning: Connecting the Global to the Local at Ningbo Technological University. Ningbo, China. Univ. of Indianapolis UP, Indianapolis.

    • Wills, K.V. (2011). “I Just Felt Kinda Invisible”: Accommodations for Learning Disabled Students in the Composition Classroom.” Autism and Aspergerger’s Syndrome in the Classroom.” V. Gerstle and L. Walsh. Marquette UP. 35-44.

    • Killian, L. & K. V. Tsiopos-Wills. (20110. “The Service-Learning Economic Benefits: A Case Study of the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Model.”Service Learning In Higher Education: National and International Connection (Ed) P. L. Lin. U of Indianapolis P. 237-48.

    • Tsiopos, Katerina. “Indiana SCUBA”   And Know this Place. Ed. J. Kander. IN Hist.  Soc.  Indianapolis, IN. (2012).

    • Tsiopos, Katerina. “Blessing of the Bikes: Bean Blossom Boogie”   And Know this Place. Ed. J. Kander. IN Hist. Soc. ty Indianapolis, IN (2012)

    • Tsiopos , Katerina. “Blessing of the Bikes.” ABATE. (Aug 2009). 9.

    • Tsiopos Wills, Katherine. “Counter Girl.” ART/LIFE 16:4 (1996).

    • Tsiopos Wills, Katherine. “A Wall, a Ditch” Flying Island 2:2, Indianapolis, IN (May, 1994).

    • Tsiopos, Wills Katerina. “Je suis une chaise.” ART/ LIFE. 10:8, Ventura, CA (Oct.1993).

    • Tsiopos, Katherine. “Sister.” River Styx #5 Limited Edition, St. Louis, MO (May 1979).

    • Tsiopos, Katerina. “Exploratory Surgery.” Y-Bird: 1, #2, Berkeley, CA (Spring 1979). 128.


    INTERNATIONAL. Co-facilitator Moscow State University RU Fulbright Humanities Summer School Fulbright Org.  Jul 2013.
    NATIONAL. Honorable Mention for chapter author Sushil K. Oswal for Disability Rhetoric in Wills & Rice Eportfolios edited collection. Presented by Computers and Composition Digital Press for Accessibility in Digital Composition. Apr 2013.
    NATIONAL Council of Teachers of English. National Award for Best New Collection in Technical and Scientific Writing for co-edited collection Critical Power Tools: Technical Communication and Cultural Studies. Scott, Longo, & Wills (Eds.). NY: SUNY, 2006. Teaching-related research: “The first book to focus on the intersection of cultural studies and technical communication, Critical Power Tools draws on various traditions of cultural studies to develop theoretical, methodological, and pedagogical approaches to technical communication. This is a sourcebook for the field”   NCTE    May 2007
    CREATIVE READINGS  (selected)
    Unsung Indiana: Of Bikers, Glaciers, and Quarries. Total eclipse of the heartland: Poems of the   Midwest. Popular Culture Association Intl. Conf. Indianapolis, IN.  Mar 28, 2018.
    Arts Illiana Five Corners Laureate Reading. Invited 1 of 5 poets. Terre Haute, IN Nov 5, 2015.
    Le Chat Noir Bar. Paris, France. Poetry reading. Feb 17, 2014.
    Lapin Agile Salon. Paris, France. Group Presentation. Feb 16, 2014.


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