Historian of Russia, specializing in gender and conservatism in the first half of the nineteenth century. Interests also include writing and methods.


BA, University of Chicago 1997 Ph.D., Columbia University 2007


An Ordinary Marriage: The World of a Gentry Family in Provincial Russia (Oxford University Press, 2013) A Consumer’s Guide to Information: How to Avoid Losing Your Mind on the Internet (Amazon, 2016) The Essential Guide to Writing History for the Classroom (Oxford University Press, forthcoming) “The Maiden and the Wolf: Law, Gender, and Sexual Violence in Imperial Russia” (co-written with Sergei A. Antonov, forthcoming from Slavic Review, 2018) “‘Prayed to God, knitted a stocking’: Needlework on a Nineteenth-Century Russian Estate” Experiment: A Journal of Russian Culture, Vol. 22, No. 1, (2016) pp. 1-12. “Кто отвечал за воспитание детей в XIX в.? Представления А. И. Чихачева о воспитании как о службе государству,” Вестник Православного Свято­-Тихоновского гуманитарного университета. Серия 4: Педагогика и психология. [“Who Was Responsible for Vospitanie in the 19th Century? The Evidence of A. I. Chikhachev on Vospitanie as State Service”)], Herald of St. Tikhonov’s Orthodox University for the Humanities. Series 4: Pedagogy and Psychology, Vol. 2, No. 37, (Spring 2015), pp. 59-71.


My second historical monograph is tentatively titled Policing Faith: Gendarmes and Mystics in Early Nineteenth Century Russia. It will address gender and religious practice, alternatives to official Orthodoxy, the transmission and reception of ideas relating to unreason from Western Europe to Russia, and the connections between all this and the developing conservatisms and nationalisms of the early and mid-nineteenth century, as well as the effect of involvement in these movements on the reign of Alexander I.

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