Political culture fascinates me, and in particular the design and deployment of rhetoric for political effect. I study this in the context of 13th-14th c. English royal administration and its domestic and diplomatic interlocutors. I am also interested in the question of women’s power, and especially their participation in diplomatic exchange. My recent monograph explores royal letters in the reign of Edward I. A forthcoming edited volume, with my colleague Prof. Constant Mews, examined the relationship between concepts of justice/injustice and political and moral complaint/advice in the Middle Ages, through the lens of the seventh-century Irish text De duodecim abusiuis saeculi and its reception. I am developing a major new project on secrecy and diplomacy in the later middle ages.

Cover image: Lincolnshire County Archive BNLW 1/1/55/1, c.1230-1250 (image, K. Neal).


PhD (History), Monash University. 2014.

PhD (Physiology, Anatomy & Cell Biology), The University of Melbourne. 2008.

MSt Historical Research (Medieval), Oxford University. 2002.

BSc/BA (Hons), The University of Melbourne. 2000.



Neal, Kathleen B., The Letters of Edward I: Political Communication in the Thirteenth Century (Woodbridge, 2021).

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BBC History Extra Podcast: The Letters of Edward I. February 3, 2021.

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