• Koca Mehmet Kentel deposited Istanbul Unbound: Environmental Approaches to the City in the group Group logo of Urban StudiesUrban Studies on Humanities Commons 2 years, 5 months ago

    This conference, co-organized by the Istanbul Research Institute
    and Pera Museum, through local and international collaborations, seeks to offer new
    insights on the complex layers of Istanbul’s urban landscape. It brings together innovative
    studies in the fields of environmental history, political ecology, and critical art studies that
    utilize transdisciplinary methods and transcend predetermined scales and clearly delineated
    boundaries between the histories and stories of humans, nonhumans, and the built
    environment. It puts academics, artists, activists, policymakers, and the public in a dialogue
    on Istanbul’s environment, especially in a time when short- and long-term environmental
    risks are increasing on an unprecedented scale. Based on the new networks created at the
    conference, the organizers aspire to achieve continued collaboration with organizations and
    collectives working on Istanbul’s environment, and to raise awareness among Istanbul’s
    residents, policymakers, and academics on the city’s historical and current environmental
    issues, the agency of nonhuman actors in the making of the city, and the ways in which we
    can reorient our thinking on Istanbul toward environmental justice and inclusivity.