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  • Group logo of TC Women’s and Gender Studies
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    active 4 hours, 16 minutes ago
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  • Digital Humanists
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    active 18 hours, 56 minutes ago

    A discussion forum for people interested in digital humanities across the disciplines

    Public Group  / 1725 members
  • Group logo of LLC Shakespeare
    Public Group
    active 3 days, 17 hours ago
    Public Group  / 450 members
  • Group logo of TC Digital Humanities
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    active 4 days, 4 hours ago
    Public Group  / 879 members
  • Southwest Music Studies Colloquium
    Public Group
    active 4 days, 7 hours ago

    The Southwest Music Studies Colloquium is program of bi-weekly virtual gatherings for musicologists, music theorists, ethnomusicologists, performers, music librarians, other music professionals, music students, […]

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  • Group logo of American Musicological Society
    Private Group
    active 4 days, 20 hours ago

    Forum for the American Musicological Society. Devoted to advancing scholarship in the various fields of music through research, learning, and teaching.

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  • Group logo of MS Opera and Musical Performance
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    active 5 days ago
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  • Group logo of North American British Music Studies Association
    Private Group
    active 5 days, 18 hours ago

    The North American British Music Studies Association (NABMSA) aims to promote the study of British Music from all time periods on the North American Continent; to provide a collegial and supportive forum for […]

    Private Group  / 30 members
  • Group logo of Film Studies
    Public Group
    active 5 days, 18 hours ago

    Cinema history, theory, criticism, and aesthetics as informed by international films and various scholarly approaches.

    Public Group  / 288 members
  • Group logo of Julia Perry Working Group
    Public Group
    active 6 days, 21 hours ago

    This is a scholarly working group for individuals interested in the life and works of composer Julia Perry. The goals of this group are to assist with the exchange of manuscripts, published works, and scholarship […]

    Public Group  / 8 members
  • Group logo of MS Screen Arts and Culture
    Public Group
    active 1 week, 1 day ago
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  • Group logo of DH2020
    Private Group
    active 1 week, 1 day ago

    A conference group for the virtual DH2020 meeting, sponsored by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO), July 20-24, 2020.

    The discussion forum closes July 31, 2020, but the […]

    Private Group  / 1019 members
  • Group logo of Women also Know Literature
    Public Group
    active 1 week, 1 day ago

    This group seeks to promote and support female scholars of literature as experts in their fields and professionals in their own right. The group is a step toward building a database of scholars to be launched on […]

    Public Group  / 83 members
  • Group logo of Society for Music Theory (SMT)
    Public Group
    active 1 week, 3 days ago

    The Society for Music Theory promotes the development of and engagement with music theory as a scholarly and pedagogical discipline. We construe this discipline broadly as embracing all approaches, from conceptual […]

    Public Group  / 274 members
  • Group logo of Society for Music Theory—Autographs & Archival Documents Interest Group
    Public Group
    active 1 week, 3 days ago

    The Society for Music Theory’s Autographs and Archival Documents Interest Group promotes scholarship that relies on sketches and other archival documents for analysis. We also support the creation of courses on […]

    Public Group  / 21 members
  • Group logo of Music Library Association
    Private Group
    active 1 month ago

    This forum provides members of the Music Library Association to discuss issues in Music Librarianship, share work and seek feedback, and brainstorm new research projects. In 2018, the MLA Board endorsed this space […]

    Private Group  / 122 members
  • TC Adaptation Studies
    Public Group
    active 1 month, 1 week ago

    The Adaptation Studies forum is dedicated to discussion of adaptation of imaginative works in its many forms, along with theories of adaptation and appropriation.

    Public Group  / 40 members
  • Group logo of Women in American Music
    Private Group
    active 3 months ago

    This is a group for people interested in researching and teaching the history of women in any and all aspects of American musical life. We take ”America” expansively, to indicate music-making in the Americas.

    Private Group  / 52 members
  • Group logo of MLA/TLA Annual Meeting 2021
    Public Group
    active 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    This group is designed to facilitate discussion around the decision facing the Music Library Association and the Theatre Library Association regarding whether to have a face-to-face or virtual conference in 2021.

    Public Group  / 24 members
  • Group logo of Global Shakespeares
    Public Group
    active 3 months, 4 weeks ago

    The idea that Shakespeare is a global author has taken many forms since the building of the Globe playhouse in London. Studying and teaching the diversity of the world-wide reception and production of […]

    Public Group  / 11 members

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