Current projects

  • Experiential approaches to medieval monastic places and landscapes can help influence wider understanding of heritage and how those with unseen or invisible disabilities, such as Autism, experience heritage;

  • Edited collection on the history of medieval women religious;

  • Medieval women religious &  monastic landscapes;

  • Medievalisms in TV;

  • Place making, landscapes and place identity in the TV series Supernatural;

Research Interests

  • Include monastic and religious life from 1100-1600 in Britain and Ireland and  the development of monasteries in medieval landscapes, the modern presence of monasteries in localities and the theoretical and experiential approaches to place, landscapes;

  • Medieval women religious communities and monastic life;

  • Place identity and landscapes in science fiction/fantasy TV.


I completed my PhD from the University of Glasgow titled ‘Religious Women and Their Communities in Late Medieval Scotland’ (2005)  My publications include themes of prosopography of religious women in Scotland, abbesses, monastic education and literacy and female religious life in general.

I received a full scholarship from the College of Arts to undertake retraining in the heritage sector and completed the MSc in Landscape Integrated Research and Practice (with Distinction) from the University of Glasgow.

I  am one of the original Steering Committee members and was the Publications & Communications Officer for the research group:  The History of Women Religious of Britain and Ireland.  http://historyofwomenreligious.org/ 

I was a writer for Nerds and Beyond – movies, TV, popular culture website. Author link here http://www.nerdsandbeyond.com/author/kimm/

I am a writer for Winchester Family Business, popular TV culture website for Supernatural



  • PhD in Medieval History from the University of Glasgow

  • MSc in Landscape Integrated Research and Practice (Archaeology) from the University of Glasgow


1.      ‘The places and landscapes of female religious houses on the Scottish Borders: Abbey St Bathan’s, Coldstream and Eccles’, in Monastic Europe: AD1100-1700: landscape and settlement (Breopols, 2019).
2.      *’Looking for Medieval Female Religious in Britain and Ireland: Sources, Methodologies and Pitfalls’, in Monastic Life in the British Isles: new work on old orders. Essays in honour of Janet Burton, ed. E. Jamroziak, J. Kerr and K. Stöber (University of Wales press, Sept 2018) 
3.      *‘Through the Monastic Library Door: Medieval Monastic Education in Scotland’, in The Edinburgh History of Education in Scotland, eds. R. Anderson, M. Freeman, L. Paterson (Edinburgh University Press, 2015), 25-38.
4.      ‘Quhat say ye now, my lady priores? How have ye usit your office, can ye ges?’ Power and Realities of the Office of Prioress in late Medieval Scotland, in Monasteries and Society in the British Isles in the Later Middle Ages, eds. J. Burton and K. Stöeber (Woodbridge, 2008), 124-141.
5.      ‘Counting Nuns: Prosopographical Analysis of Late Medieval Scottish Convents’, Records of the Scottish Church History Society, Vol. 35 (2005), 28-67.



Research Grant

Landscape Research Group:  Landscape Justice Anniversary Fund

‘Inequality of access and inclusivity: Marginalising children with ‘invisible’ disabilities and their experience of landscapes’



Consultant, Landscape Research Group, Communications & Strategy, May-June 2020

Participant, Working Party on Learning, Access & Archaeology, Northlight Heritage, July 2017 and Dec 2018

Member, Steering Group on Accessibility, Battle of Bannockburn, April 2017 to Aug 2018

Participant & Working Party Member, SESARF (South East Scottish Archaeological Research Framework), June 2017 to present

Member, Geographies of Children, Youth, & Families Research Group, Royal Geography Society with IBG, May 2017 to Nov 2019

Member, Participatory Geographies Research Group, June 2017 to Nov 2018

Network organiser, Medieval Landscapes/Seascapes Research Network at Leeds IMC, July 2015-July 2017.

Strand co-convener, ‘Medieval Landscapes/Seascapes’,  Leeds IMC, July 2015 to present

Strand co-organiser, ‘New approaches to the study of women religious’, Leeds IMC, July 2013 to July 2015

Member, Landscape Research Group, Nov 2014 to present

Publications & Communications Officer / Web developer & editor, H-WRBI, History of Women Religious in Britain and Ireland, Jan 2008 to Jan 2020 http://www.history.ac.uk/history-women-religious/

Social Media Manager (with C. Gilfedder), European Association of Archaeologists, Annual Conference, Glasgow, Jan 2014 to Oct 2015

Steering Committee (medieval, landscapes, identity), H-WRBI, History of Women Religious in Britain and Ireland, Aug 2008 to present

Conference Coordinator, ‘Nuns Literacies- Medieval to Modern’, Glasgow, Aug 2014

Chair, History Lab Plus, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, Aug 2010 to Aug 2014

Consultant, Historic Scotland [Iona Nunnery Site], Aug 2013 & Jan – March 2020

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