Drawing on book history methods, translation studies, and theater and performance studies, I research how bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, grammars, and conversation guides printed in early modern England shaped and were shaped by cosmopolitan dramatic works by William Shakespeare, Thomas Kyd, Ben Jonson, and other playwrights. I am also beginning a new project interested in the developing vocabularies of mixing, combination, and diversity as they manifest in tragicomedy and other dramatic subgenres.

I also teach courses on Shakespeare, book history, critical thinking, and writing in English.


Ph.D., English, Northwestern University (2018)
M.A., English, North Carolina State University (2012)
B.A., English, Boston College (2010)


“Windsor’s World of Words: Multilingualism in The Merry Wives of Windsor.” English Literary Renaissance, forthcoming.

“Printed Plays and Polyglot Books: The Multilingual Textures of Early Modern English Drama.” Papers of the Bibliographical Society 112:4 (2018): 481-511.

“A 1562 Petrarchan Italian-English Dictionary Inscribed by ‘Maria sidney.'” Sidney Journal 36.1 (2018): 41-52.

“Jonson’s ‘Italian riddle’: Epicene and the Translation of Aretino’s Female Speech.” Shakespeare Quarterly 65.2 (2014): 120-39.

“Robert Tofte’s Of Mariage and Wiuing and the Bishops’ Ban of 1599.” Studies in Philology 110.3 (2013): 506-32.

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    I direct the Santa Clara Early Modern Book Project (SCEMBI), an undergraduate-driven rare book cataloging and exhibition project based at Santa Clara University Archives & Special Collections. Involving students, library staff, and faculty, SCEMBI employs techniques in literary studies, book history and bibliography, and library science to share and spread knowledge about SCU’s oldest books. The work we do enhances the globally-accessible English Short Title Catalogue, the British Library’s online catalog for pre-1800 printed books, and strengthens SCU’s local catalog as well.


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