• Karla Adriana Bessa deposited Luz(es) del Fuego: rebeldia e feminismos on Humanities Commons 2 years, 7 months ago

    The article presents a reading of the film Luz Del Fuego (1982), by David Neves, taking a critical feminist approach, which links historical and film analysis. It discusses the historicity of Luz Del Fuego’s transgressive practices (both person and character) from distinct points of view produced about her and by her own book. The article addresses the meanings of the gesture of stripping and asks the limits of the recognition of Luz as a feminist. Finally, it analyzes the radical experience that marked her struggle for freedom of the body and pleasure as a mode of rebellious subjectivation, which dynamized anti-colonial gender technologies in the tropics.

    Key words: Feminism; Luz Del Fuego; Film Analysis; Rebellion