I am a doctoral scholar and an aspiring comic artist. My research focuses on graphic narratives, ecocriticism, diaspora studies and postcolonial literature. Both my academic and artistic work seek to examine how graphic narratives possess an openness to difference, that is often missing from normative models of discourse, and how this characteristic can be utilized (by artists and scholars alike) to represent marginalized voices be it in conflict spaces, ethnic minority groups, queer spaces or the disabled community. Being an immigrant, I am especially interested in scholarship and artistic work that focusses on diaspora narratives and multicultural identities.

When I am not struggling with academic deadlines, I am trying to illustrate my own comic book/graphic short–a project I have always dreamed of, but only recently started working on. It revolves around life as an immigrant, New York city, and living in between two worlds.

Check out snippets of my work at my HCommons blog: https://kaysohini.hcommons.org/



PhD in English (Anticipated 2022)
Advanced Certificate in Media, Art, Culture and Technology (Anticipated 2019)

BA and MA (2011-2016)

Other Publications

  • “The Graphic Memoir as a Transitional Object: Narrativizing the Self in Are You My Mother?” Assay: A Journal of Non-Fiction Studies (March 2019). Web.
    URL: https://www.assayjournal.com/kay-sohini-the-graphic-memoir-as-a-transitional-object-8203-narrativizing-the-self-in-alison-bechdelrsquos-are-you-my-mother-52.html

  • “On the Threshold of Being and Belonging” Chapter in the collection Comics and Catharsis: Exploring Narratives of Trauma and Memory in the Graphic Novel. (Accepted, under review; Expected in 2020).

  • “The Personal is Political: Postcolonial Identity Crisis and Resistance.” Modern Research Studies 3:3 (September 2016). Web.


Graphic Narratives Catalog:

The Comics of Liminality.
(Coming Soon!)

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

“You Are Not Your Illness: Narrativizing Identity in Disability and Illness Memoirs”,
Modern Language Association (MLA).
January 2019, Chicago.

“Across Borders and In-Between Spaces” at the South Asian Literary Association;
January 2019, Chicago, 2019.

“Kamala Khan as Miss Marvel: On Being a Brown, Muslim, Immigrant Superhero” for the 50th Anniversary Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association.
Washington DC 2019.


“Artistic Resistance and Drawing Girlhood” –Presentation of my visual art on a creative panel at NeMLA; March 2019.



Modern Language Association (MLA)

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)

South Asian Literary Association (SALA)

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