• Purpose
    The aim of this paper is to examine how and if information-seeking behaviour changes when individuals transform a hobby into a business.

    Four hobbyists who now pursued their activities in a professional context were interviewed via semi-structured interviews. The interviewers were transcribed and analysed to identify common themes in the experiences of the participants.

    Although each participant exhibited some unique behaviours, there were commonalities which some, but not always all, shared. Among those identified were:
    • The use of information sources in ways unintended by those who produced the sources
    • The importance of the development and spread of the internet
    • A continued enthusiasm for their chosen activity even when it has been commercialised by the participants
    • Participants considered that they undertook relatively little research into business activities before going professional but when examined further, the process of searching for business information was on-going
    • A change of focus on their activity, either expanding to new areas or concentrating on a specialist area

    Practical Implications
    The current government places a great emphasis on the importance of supporting entrepreneurs. Understanding how small business owners go about gaining information on starting a business may benefit others in this situation.

    There has been much research into information-seeking behaviours in the spheres of serious leisure and of work, but as yet there has been little that investigated individuals who transform a hobby into a business. This study gives an insight into how the information-seeking behaviour of individuals develops as they gain experience.