I describe myself as a cultural historian to reflect my interest in a range of practices and reflections on performing, directing, designing and writing for, and about, theatre in the 20th and 21st centuries and on arts funding, museology, curating and archiving. I am interested in many things from Shakespeare inspired performances in prisoner-of-war camps to Keith Moon’s exploding drum kit and Vivien Leigh’s wigs; from close textual analysis to close analysis of regional theatre budgets and detailed analysis of theatre costumes (see publications for more details). I can summarise my approach to, and interest in, all these areas through five questions:

  • What is it?  

  • What is it doing?

  • How is it doing it?

  • Why is it doing it?

  • What effect does it have?  

  • These questions guide my research and my collaborations with artists, researchers and students.

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