• Karen Schamberger deposited Living in a material world: object biography and transnational lives in the group Group logo of MuseumsMuseums on Humanities Commons 4 years, 7 months ago

    Personal and object biographies can be interwoven and reveal much about the transnational connections between Australia and other places. This chapter features two interwoven biographies: Guna Kinne, a Latvian Displaced Person who began making a national dress as a school girl in Latvia and continued to make it as she fled the Soviet army to Germany during World War II; and Minh Tam Nguyen who made a musical instrument, the dàn tre, in a Vietcong reeducation camp, then made a second one in a refugee camp. Both Kinne and Nguyen brought their objects to Australia and continued to use them, eventually donating them to the National Museum of Australia.